2 Factor Implementation

Dear Colleagues
As a leading administrator and software provider we strive to deliver on new and exciting software to our users and clients on a regular basis, not just to protect ourselves but also to protect our client personal information.

We have now implemented a new look to the Websure logon page:

The option for OTP is added.

There are only 2 methods of receiving the OTP.

E-Mail:  This will be the email address linked to your user profile.

SMS:  Only if the user’s Cellphone Number is captured on the user profile, you will be able to use the option for SMS, keeping in mind that if your number is incorrect, you will NOT receive your OTP.

If there is no Cell phone number captured, the option for SMS will be greyed out or, non-selectable, and if the user hovers the mouse pointer on that field, there is a message to contact your system administrator. See the example below.

The OTP that you will receive via E-mail can be copied and pasted in the OTP field.

The SMS you will receive, if applicable, will look like this:

This OTP will only be valid for a limited time, after that the OTP will expire.

New UI

 On UI the process for this will be the same, but the screens will look different.

The OTP option is added on a separate screen.

The only difference is the OTP for Cell phone is not greyed out but the same rules will apply, if we do not have a valid Cell phone number we will not be able to send an OTP.

The system will have a op up to let you know that we do not have you cell phone number.

Please remember that an OTP is only valid once and if it has been used it will not work for a second time. Please also keep in mind that the OTP will not show if this is your OTP as we do not show any names in the OTP, if you have the wrong e-mail address your OTP might land up in the wrong mailbox.

Please ensure you double check that all your details are up to date to avoid frustration when we go live.

If any details are unclear, please log a call with support@brolink.co.za for assistance.